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MOBY is a team united by a commitment to innovation, combining expertise in technology and logistics to deliver exceptional performance to YOU.


Transform the world into a better place with innovation and sustainability.


Inspire solutions that transform.


Collaboration, trust, discipline, ethics, loyalty, respect, security and transparency are the fundamental foundations that support our organizational culture.

The MOBY Story

MOBY was incorporated in 2017, initially focusing on the sugar and ethanol industry.

MOBY’s first contract was a remarkable success, providing the client with a substantial return and validating the efficacy of the implemented solution.

Through this journey, we discovered that MOBY’s innovative approach to harmonize technology and logistics had even greater potential in other industrial applications.

While MOBY subsequently experienced exponential growth, it took great care to maintain its high level of service without compromising effectiveness, quality, or workforce satisfaction.

MOBY has gained recognition by applying lean principles and Logistics 4.0 in medium and large enterprises, setting industry standards and solidifying its market presence through consistent innovation and exceptional performance.

Connecting businesses to the future of logistics.