Road Operations

In this project, within a new segment for us, our challenge was to implement a Control Centre capable of operating and monitoring the logistical transfer cycle between Factories/DCs for channels such as Advanced Distribution Center (CDA), Key Account (KA), Bottler, and Large Networks in CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight) shipping mode.

Today, the Control Centre operates with access to online information, system integration, streamlined processes, and human collaboration to ensure established planning with distribution channels and transporters.

This operational strategy achieves efficiency by optimizing truck productivity and fostering improved freight negotiations.

Simultaneously, we support a project aimed at transforming the company’s current logistics, elevating it to a higher tier. With a methodology based on technology, process refinement, and human resource optimization, we have progressed by meticulously mapping opportunities identified by a specialized supply consultancy. These insights have guided our priorities for

Adhering to industry best practices and internal benchmarks, we implemented a robust, active control centre that strongly contributed to various logistics initiatives.

Engaging approximately 300 individuals across 15 remote areas, we facilitated over 10 system improvements and dedicated more than 1,000 hours to development.
The project team meticulously mapped and monitored over 600 activities, conducting 40 weekly status report meetings and investing over 5,000 efforts in creating around 30 distinct documents.
The collaborative efforts between companies throughout 2019 were instrumental in achieving a groundbreaking outcome: the establishment of a fully modernized logistics control centre. This tower is equipped with seamlessly integrated systems and employs the most cutting-edge, results-oriented management technology available in the industry. Such achievements underline the power and impact of collaborative endeavors in shaping pioneering solutions for modern logistical challenges.