Production flow

This project emerged to transform the sugarcane harvesting and transportation process in two units in the state of Goiás.

Employing a methodology centered on technology, refined processes, and human resources, we mapped existing opportunities aligned with global best practices (benchmark) to implement cutting-edge solutions.

We constructed a dedicated room for a logistics operations center, equipped with workstations tailored to support information systems, multiple screens, an IP radio system, and a CCTV system.

Furthermore, we established IT and electrical infrastructure capable of supporting 24/7 operations with contingency plans for both electrical and data link issues. This allowed for the installation of monitors following “Management in View” standards to display critical Group information (e.g., KPIs).

The project was completed within the stipulated deadline, divided into two phases (Pilot / Rollout Unit 1). Over 107% of the opportunities outlined in the Project Opening Term (POT) were successfully delivered.

In total, over 8,000 hours from employees and 15 system suppliers, service providers, and various material sources were utilized.

To form the team, we reviewed more than 189 internal applications, incorporating 93% of those candidates into the team. Additionally, over 19 days of training were conducted, totaling around 5,300 hours.

Operational performance gradually improved, showcasing a 10% increase in productive hours and cutting efficiency, resulting in a 30% enhancement in equipment productivity.

Despite incorporating unforeseen integrations, the Project achieved a 15% cost saving compared to the initial planning phase.

The Business Case for the Project was based on information from the 18/19 harvest, projecting significant cost reductions in the first operational year.

Considering equipment reduction calculations from the 19/20 harvest and subsequent years, along with increased grinding in the units, the actual savings surpassed initial projections.

The joint effort between teams throughout the 2019 and 2020 harvests culminated in the implementation of the Agroindustrial Control Centre, a state-of-the-art logistics control centre equipped with integrated systems, dynamic programming, and the latest results-oriented management technology.